Having worked at USS Gary works, I find the BNSF allrail ore trains of special interest.


2005 Jan 2 with a cheap @#$ disposable camera, grrr, but better than missing it.

Ready to back into USS Granite City Steel near 19th St in Granite City IL
bnsf 600018 with pointed ends
bn 99262b
bn 99262a
TRRA crew preceding backing train crossing Washington ave.
End of train
End of train with van
Waiting for traffic to clear Edwards ville Rd.
into the dumping yard train will be split
bn 99797 with finger bn 99797 b end
bn 99755 (distortion)
bn 99075 with long end brace
bnsf 600187 bnsf 600187 b
bnsf 600203 bnsf 600203 b
bnsf 8277
where the pellets go dumping facilities from terraserver
empties waiting to go back
empties waiting to go back
empties waiting to go back

Some 2005 Jan 2 SEMBIR photos at Lindenwood, St. Louis MO, with a better camera.
HLMX 11813 at a distance note the new power in the back ground.
HLMX 10200 top view side view
BNSF 646023

2005 Jun 19 some ore car close ups
bn 99583 A end side (a) side (b) B end blt by Bethlehem/Johnstown
bnsf 600002 A end A end side(a) side(b) B end
bnsf 600189 A end side(a) side(b) B end Bend

2005 Jul more close ups of KEEMAD (BNSF/BN) ore cars, quarters were tight I had to use a 35mm/50mm instead of a longer lens.
bn 99080 a end side b end
bn 99656 side b end
bn 99660 a end side b b end
bnsf 600236 a end side b end

BN KEEMAD ore cards at Madison Oct 2007
until next time.

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